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What are the fiat currencies ARTH is pegged to?

ARTH is a next-generation digital currency designed to tackle the depreciation of government-owned currencies (like US Dollar, Euro, or Chinese Yuan), but at the same time remain relatively stable (unlike Gold and Bitcoin).
ARTH does this by being pegged to a basket of assets that represent strong hedges of each other.
The unique peg of ARTH looks like this:
  • 80% — Collection of Fiat currencies
  • 15% — Gold (often considered a safe-haven asset
  • 5% — Bitcoin (also started to show properties of being a safe have asset as of recently)
The Fiat currencies include:
  • USD,
  • GBP,
  • INR,
  • JPY,
  • CNY,
  • CHF,
  • CAD)