I had ARTH v1 tokens. Why did I get rebased?

I can't find my ARTH tokens that I had with me in Jan, Feb, march of 2021

ARTH saw a major upgrade to ARTH v2 in June 2021. The major change was that there was now going to be collateral that'll be used to back the ARTH tokens; ensuring stability for ARTH.

The new ARTH token was launched on Polygon with this address: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xe52509181feb30eb4979e29ec70d50fd5c44d590

A snapshot of old ARTH holders was taken and they have all been airdropped the new ARTH v2 tokens on the Polygon chain in mid-July. You can find the snapshot here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qp_qdrsxJYklVFbMOnf7h-yPgcHGVlv97W5e5mSRYxo/edit#gid=81960325

During the snapshot, ARTH v1 holders had the option to deposit ARTH v1 into a "debt pool" (which was a pool which would promise to pay ARTH v1 holders their ARTH for a value of 1$) or swap their ARTH tokens to the ARTHX token.

Post the protocol launch, the swap and the ability to deposit into the debt pool was closed and existing holders saw a ~90% rebase for the ARTH v2 tokens to be backed by 110% worth of collateral.

I missed all this information. What can I do?

We understand that sometimes it's not easy to keep track of things.

If you are looking for your missing tokens, you'll find your address in the snapshot sheet linked above and you'll find that your address is airdropped with new ARTH v2 tokens on polygonscan.com (note that the tokens have undergone a 90% rebase).

You also have the option to deposit into the debt pool and reclaim 90% of the rebased value however to that you'll have to contact the team/moderators individually and send all your pending ARTH balance to be added into the debt pool.

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